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Arts Stream

Arts Stream takes the creative ingenuity of small to mid-sized, visual, and performing arts organizations and positions them to maximize the potential of an ever-expanding digital landscape. This pay-to-stream service serves as a repository of great performances and oral histories. to includes a Great Preachers Series, Regional Oral History Projects, and Podcasts.


Arts Stream In Progress

AJR+da is primed to be the predominant repository and streaming platform/service for small to mid-sized performing and visual arts organizations. AJR+da offers the means to provide quality programming, and better/broader exposure for arts organizations to the online consumer. Patrons can stream performances, podcasts, oral histories, and other audio/visual presentations through a subscription service.


This service also provides residual income for partner arts organization. Partner organizations pay a nominal yearly fee based on 3% of the organization’s budget. Partner organizations receive a percentage of the subscription sales and individual views based on the amount of their yearly contribution.

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