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AJR Digital Arts provides both an artistic and service-oriented function.


Artistically, AJR+da creates visual interpretations of music and historic events/figures in American history including musical works by composers of color. MusDocs and AI: Arts Impact are exhibits and digital projects produced for the digital world as well as museums, assisted living facilities, schools, colleges and universities.


MusDocs & AI: Arts Impact

Proposed MusDocs projects include

  • The Men They Called George: The Story of the Pullman Porters (November 2024)

  • Bearden’s Place: The Place Where Genius Met

  • Magic Fingers: The Story of the Indomitable Hazel Scott

  • Gordon Parks: A Man of Few Words

Proposed AI: Arts Impact projects include

  • 50’s – 60’s Era Project

    • Leontyne Price

    • Nina Simone

    • Side-by-Side: Similar Tunes from Different Worlds

      • All can be modified for those living with memory loss or Dementia

  • Children’s Project

    • Arturo's Library: The Man Who Built a Library 

    • Other children’s books to be considered

      • All can be modified for those living with Autism

AJR+da also provides an online repository of performances, oral histories, podcasts and other audio offerings available to patrons through a subscription service called Arts Stream. Arts Stream offers three subscription plans; full access, partial access, and pay-per-view comparable to similar services.


Proposed Arts Stream projects include

  • Performances from

    • Visual/Performing Arts Organizations

    • College/University

    • Church

    • High School music programs

  • Great Preachers Series (featuring a repository from preachers from the 20th and 21st centuries

  • Regional oral history projects of African Americans in various fields

  • Podcasts from around the country


Organizations that opt to partner with AJR+da pay a nominal yearly fee (3% of annual revenue) to utilize the platform and receive residual income from the traffic generated to the site. AJR+da works with organizations to plan video production schedules for the online streaming season, which includes the creation of a marketing/publicity strategy that promotes the organization and the streaming service. Additionally, AJR+da provides video/sound editing/post-production services for projects that include recording, sound editing, voiceovers, etc. Partner Organizations utilizing the platform will benefit from broader marketing, publicity, increased exposure as well as a means for passive income from a percentage of views.

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